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I’m Pedro, and I've been working in graphic design for 10 years now. I enjoy any form of discourse and I’m into libre software.


Major Opportunities Technical Manager, Design Lead and Community Manager at the Collabora Online. Previously, I co-founded Portucalio, Festock and was the UX Architect at Juicymo and Graphic Design Lead at UNIT architekti.

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Code & Collaboration

I strive to collaborate with open source projects as much as possible, and share what I work on under free and open licenses.

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Honors & Awards

Book of the Year (Lidove noviny)
Certainties and doubts earned a nomination for Book of the Year, Lidove noviny.
Certainties and doubts, 2015

Generative Systems in Art and Design
“Pedro Pinto Silva is a great speaker who helped organizers to educate and entertain audience”
by DevFest Prague, November 2014

Rio de Pétalas
“Poetry book/ebook where the readers may listen their favorite poem while reading or maybe while falling asleep.”
by Adobe InDesign Page, September 2013

Bezier Landscape
Bezier curves assume a structural dimension in the construction of these Moiré pattern
The Creators Project Gallery, January 2013

Interface studies for Unplug (fictitious brand): a website where you can build your own music calendar.
Webdesign Served Gallery, January 2013