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Talks and Lectures


Speaker at Ubuntu both

Designed the Ubuntu both website (commits, Tiago then pushed to the main repo)

COOL Days 2021

Organizer and speaker at Collabora Online conference 2021, videos


Speaker at FOSDEM 2020

LGM 2020

Speaker at Libre Graphics Meeting 2020

UbuCon Europe 2019

Speaker at Ubucon Europe 2019 on all the new features from Collabora Online.

LibOCon 2019

Ubuntu Portugal Podcast

Happy guest in various episodes

Workshop Design with Open Source Software

Critic at Unicorn College

The awarding ceremony for the best mobile apps.

Unicorn College news

Generative systems in art and design

Explore generative systems as a possible path in design and art.

Album; Page on G+

DevFest Praha 2014 Official

The right chair – Learn how to seat

Design guidelines: when to follow them and when to break them.

aDevMeetup #16;