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Nextcloud conference 2022

Report and info on all the recent improvements that comes with Nextcloud Office.

This year’s NextcloudConf was great! After a so long time, I had finally the opportunity to say hi, hack and share bread with so many friends :) Many outstanding talks and cool to see Gael Duval  – Founder Mandrake Linux 1998 (IPO 2001), /e/OS & Murena 2018 and Franz Geger  – Tech Lead Software Engineer at Fairphone.

It was lovely to be part of the first panel session: How to contribute? With Jan-Christoph Borchardt – Design Team Lead at NC, Nimisha Vijay – designer at NC and Greta Doçi – software engineer at NC. Missed that? Head over to Nextcloud youtube channel and catch up

My talk on how Collabora Online has improved in the UX front with many new features and possibilities to use also turned some heads: Collabora Online: recent improvements . Missed that? Download my slides: 2022-10-04_CO-recent-improvements.pdf

There was still some time to hack and play around in Contributing to Nextcloud Office / Collabora Online workshop. Interested in contributing but don’t know where to start? Check my slides: 2022-10-04_workshop-contributing-to-NO-CO.pdf