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FixFest at Collabora

Hacking and fixing Collabora Online

Last week we had a Fixfest at Collabora where anyone could stop any further development and solve one of those pet bugs that you would like to see it fixed but still didn’t get around to do it. Basically is a nice way to improve and polish corners :) . Here is what I was able to pick and fix:

Improve look and feel of notebookbar when on a tablet

This actually ended up to also benefit desktop: PR#1869

Remove unnecessary duplicity when using Notebookbar mode

While fixing this also took the opportunity to fix other layout related issues:

Remove duplicated of “Field” (Fields dialog)

Fix alignment of remaining field items


Fix button sizes


Draw: NotebookBar: Fix Print control and Add download as PNG

Draw was missing direct download as png. I also took the opportunity to add some more improvements:


There was also time to do some much needed patch porting and review/test.

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